Volvo commercial - Twister


Dramatically and artistically filmed, this ad features a twister devastating the landscape. Epic storm images and physical destruction convey its power, and the authoritative voice of the expert emphasises the importance of a manoeuvrable, firm handling vehicle in conquering this. Enter Volvo, withstanding the winds that has taken trains from their tracks and destroyed buildings and landscape alike. Volvo. A car you can believe in. Volvo: Twister Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Director: Tony Kaye Production: Tony K Post Production: The Mill Brand: Volvo

Volvoszív3, 2009. szeptember 24. csütörtök, 19:43
Jó kis videó!

Csak a T5! ;))
JrCsG, 2009. szeptember 23. szerda, 09:52
Csak a 850! ;-))
Romi, 2009. szeptember 20. vasárnap, 20:55
Ez jóóóóóóóóóóóó :-) ;-)