Volvo Jakob - The new Hot Rod


The very first Volvo car, the ÖV4 (later nicknamed Jakob) was built in 1927. Hot Rod maker Leif Tufvesson documented the original in detail before building his personal interpretation of the ÖV4, which became Hot Rod Jakob. The body of the classic vehicle has been built by hand from raw aluminium panels that were bent into their final shape using a hammer and English wheel, as it was done in the prototype workshop back in the 1920s. Leif Tufvesson has already won awards such as Hot Rod of the Year and Most Innovative Car in the U.S. After being unveiled at the Volvo Museum in Göteborg in February 2008, Hot Rod Jakob will be exhibited at the four Nordic winners of Volvo Best Partner 2007 before being presented at the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas in the USA in November this year.

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